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Well Woman Exams and Pap Smears

The Pap test is an important part of our well-woman exams because it’s the best way to detect changes in the cervix that could indicate cervical cancer. For the majority of women, the Pap test comes back normal. Even when the test does indicate a problem, often the cause is inflammation of the cervix or a vaginal infection, but you still need timely follow-up care.

We will talk with you about the results of your test and perform any further procedures you may need, including:

  • HPV vaccination:  Works by preventing the most common types ofHPV that cause cervical cancer and genital warts. It is given as a three-dose vaccine. The HPV vaccine is safe for ages 9 to 26.
  • Colposcopy:  This test is performed with a microscope fitted with a bright light and allows the cervix to be examined under magnification. A biopsy may also be taken during this procedure.
  • In-office cryotherapy:  This simple office procedure treats just the abnormal “skin” of the cervix without removing any normal tissue.
  • In-office LEEP:  The loop electrosurgical excision procedure is a quick and effective way to remove abnormal tissue from the cervix for evaluation and treatment of abnormal Paps.

Tests are performed in the privacy and comfort of the office. We will answer all your questions about any test or treatment you may need and take extra care to ensure your comfort. Remember to get your pelvic exam yearly and your Pap test every year, or as recommended by your doctor, depending on your health status, age and lifestyle. If the test shows a problem, we will be here to help you, with the advanced, personal care you can rely on.